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Enabling Dynamic Branding

Note: The Admin tab is only available to Administrators.

A helpful branding feature of is dynamic branding, which allows the Brand Manager to test their branding in real-time (for example, to view how a new banner image will look).

Note: To use dynamic branding, you must be either an Administrator or Provider Administrator role in the Administration Console.

To enable dynamic branding:

1 From , click the Admin tab. The Admin page appears.
2 Click View branding settings. The Branding Settings page appears.
3 Using the Enterprise drop-down list, select the appropriate enterprise to synchronize branding (or select "_default_" for Provider-level branding).
4 Select the "Enable dynamic branding" checkbox.
5 Make your changes using the Brand Management Tool in the Administration Console.
6 Once you have finished branding, uncheck the "Enable dynamic branding" checkbox and then click the Synchronize button to transfer the completed branding files to the server.