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Viewing Admin Reports

Note: The Admin tab is only available to Administrators.

allows administrators to run the following reports:

  • The Message Audit Items report offers a simple method to find any message send by anyone to anyone. The Message Audit Report is also used by administrators to recover or restore messages.
  • The Access Audit Items displays every log-in, registration, password change, etc. access audit information.
  • The Current Users Report displays a snapshot of users in the system by user type (Standard, Read-only, Q/A DC or Registered DC).
  • The User Statistics Report displays a detailed break down of users between a specific time range by user type.
  • The Usage Report shows analytical information about the messages that are sent and received between a specific time range by user type.
  • The Pickup Users Report displays the users that have self-registered to view a Q/A or Registered Pickup message.

To view an Admin report:

1 Click the Admin tab. The Admin page appears.
2 Click a report. The report page appears.
3 Enter the necessary report criteria.
4 Click Search. The report appears.