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Creating a Message

To create a message from the Compose Tab:

1 Click the Compose tab. The Compose a Message appears.
2 In the To: field, enter the email address of the recipient(s).
3 (Optional) In the Cc and Bcc fields, enter the email address of the Cc/Bcc recipient(s).
4 In the Subject field, enter the message subject.
5 (Optional) To add an attachment, click Add a new attachment. Click Browse, select the attachment and click OK.

To add additional attachments, click Add a new attachment for each additional attachment.

Note: There is a maximum of five (5) attachments per message and the size of all attachments combined cannot exceed 10 MB.

6 In the Message box, enter the message.
7 Click Send.
If all recipients are subscribers, the message is immediately sent to the recipient(s).

If there are recipients who are not subscribers, the Create a Security Question page appears and the email addresses of the non- subscribers appear.

8 If there is only one non- subscriber, select a Security Question, enter an answer and then click Next.

If there are multiple non- subscribers, select whether to "Use the same Security Question for all recipients" or "Create a unique Security Question for each recipient" and then click Next. Select a Security Question(s), enter the answer(s) and then click Next.

The message is sent the to the recipients.